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Stressless - The Innovators of Comfort

Recliner chairs from Stressless
At Stressless, we make furniture whose form is surpassed only by its function, its beauty only by its comfort. We offer a wide range of contemporary furniture, from our classic Stressless recliner chairs, ottomans, love seats and sofas, to fully customizable home theater seating and coordinating accessories. Recognized by stylish circles worldwide, Stressless is a distinctive Norwegian brand, designed and produced in the Sunnmøre Alps of central Norway. 

The comfort choice in Scandinavian leather recliner chairs 
Employing skilled craftsmen and using only the highest quality woods, leathers, textiles, and finishes, Stressless makes modern Scandinavian furniture for every taste and for every room.  Our philosophy is that when it comes to furniture, comfort matters most. At Stressless, we have developed the patented Glide®, Plus®, and ErgoAdapt™systems to ensure that our seating delivers the ultimate in comfort. By adjusting the Stressless Glide® wheels to the desired setting, it is possible to automatically shift seating positions using your body weight alone. The Plus® system automatically adjusts to the correct head, neck, and lumbar positions, while ErgoAdapt™ tilts to just the right seating angle the moment you sit down. These specialized ergonomic features enable our seating to respond to the natural movement of your body providing superior support and comfort.