Stressless Debuts its First Ever Low-Back Recliner Style Options

Posted On Metro Low-Back

SOMERSET, NJ (April 8, 2014): As part of the new Stressless® Metro and City style groupings revealed in January, Ekornes Inc. debuted the first low-back Stressless® recliners to designers, media and trade at High Point Market.

The low-back seating resembles the high-back Stressless® Metro and City and are unlike any other Stressless® recliner options with no matching ottomans and a design not meant to fully recline. Created with a rotating steel base, the product grouping is the first Stressless® line with adjustable seat heights for added comfort and the size of the low-back seating allows the products to be grouped together around a table.

“Placing the low-back Stressless City or Metro recliners around a table creates a modern space for dining and entertaining,” said Beverly Kastel, marketing manager. “The company recently created the Stressless® Urban table in two sizes to give consumers the ability to complete an entire living space with one product line.”

Although the design is unique, the new products offer the same high-quality functionality the brand is known for. Handcrafted for luxury, only the finest leathers and fabrics are used and manufacturing is completely halogen-free for health and sustainability. Its patented Plus® System allows the chair to respond to the body’s movements for maximum comfort and support. Available in fabric and leather, the Stressless® City low-back starts at $1,599 and Stressless® Metro low-back starts at $1,695. 

“The low-backs offer a different look, while maintaining the same high-standard manufacturing approach,” Kastel said. “Quality and durability are always the top priority.”

Stressless® Metro and City high- and low-back recliners will be available to customers in late 2014. Consumers can customize the chairs by fabric, leather and color through a Stressless® dealer.